06/06/2012 04:37 pm ET Updated Jun 06, 2012

The Night Circus: Illusions Of Light

"There is so much that glows in the circus, from flames to lanterns to stars. I have heard the expression "trick of the light" applied to sights within Le Cirque des Reves so frequently that I sometimes suspect the entirety of the circus is itself a complex illusion of illumination." - Friedrick Thiessen, 1894

This week we read through "Condolences" in Erin Morgenstern's "The Night Circus" and had the opportunity to identify a few key elements that seemed to be on our minds.

Does Isobel have more power than we give her credit for?

"I like the idea that anyone can develop powers beyond the ordinary"

Which sections of the book have been particularly dream-like for you? Are you having a hard time digesting that or has this been a welcome change for your reading habits?

"The initial sense of elation at being in a dream turns into foreboding. This dream could turn into a nightmare."

And on the timeline, I'd just like to reiterate, that you should feel free to read at whatever speed is comfortable for you, and come back and use our discussion as a guideline if we aren't moving at your pace. The out-of-sequence timeline of this story makes it particularly easy to get ahead with and you should never feel like you're waiting for us to catch-up. Tell us what you think about our pace, and send us suggestions on our discussions anytime!

Looking ahead, we want to hear from you on:

• Poppet and Widget: What's with the mystery and red hair?
• The Ice Garden, Carousel and the other new tents: What else will be created as a result of this competition?
• Chandresh: How in the dark is he exactly?

What's your favorite part of the story so far? How far ahead have you read? Are you one of the reveurs that has created fan art based on your love for "The Night Circus?" We want to hear from you. Drop us a line or leave us a comment on the notes above and we'll highlight your thoughts.

See you this coming Sunday evening when we'll post chapter notes on "Reveurs" through "Ailuromancy" and you can post comments and questions for us all to address.

Thanks for reading!