06/06/2012 12:10 pm ET Updated Jun 07, 2012

Anthony Cornist, Popular High School Senior, Denied Diploma Because Of Excessive Cheering

High school senior Anthony Cornist from Ohio is living proof that, yes, it is possible to be too popular -- and that you could be punished for it. When the well-liked football player's name was called at graduation, his friends and family cheered so loudly that the student was denied his diploma.

"I did nothing wrong except walk across the stage," Cornist told local news station WCPO 9.

But school administers did not share the crowd's enthusiasm. In fact, the noise proved too much for them and Cornist was handed a letter from the principal instead of a diploma. The letter said that his diploma would be held in the principal's office because of the disruption.

Now, the school is demanding that Cornist complete 20 hours of community service before he can receive his diploma.

His mother, Traci Cornist, is protesting the penalty. She told WCPO: "I don't understand how he's being punished for something he has no control over. I just thought that was ludicrous."

Check out the video above for more on the story and head over to WCPO 9 News for the full article.

Surprisingly, this is not the first incident this week of a family cheering too loudly at graduation and making national headlines. In South Carolina, proud mother Shannon Cooper was escorted out of her child's graduation due to her over-enthusiasm. She was handcuffed, taken to the local Detention Center and charged with disorderly conduct.

In a more bizarre story where a high school diploma was denied to a student, Florida senior Chuck Shriner got into trouble when he 'Tebowed' onstage at graduation. But in this case, Shriner's mother wasn't in the crowd cheering -- she was the one who requested that his diploma be withheld. The student was forced to clean the gym in order to earn back his diploma.

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story indicated that the cheering was shown in the video, when in fact, it is not.