06/06/2012 05:53 pm ET

Beatrice Inn Opening Delayed Due To Construction And Liquor License

For anyone eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new Beatrice Inn, bad news, as the restaurant is apparently plagued with construction delays and troubles obtaining a clutch liquor license.

The Observer reports the Beatrice Inn's slated resurrection from its 2008 raid and subsequent shutdown is still undergoing heavy duty construction, as workers are still bringing in gas lines into the venue and trucks squeeze onto the quiet, West Village street.

More importantly, the restaurant is still without a liquor license!

Beatrice submitted a booze request in December and the application revealed Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter had signed up to be a minority owner at the new restaurant.

Carter, who owns hotspots Monkey Bar and Waverly Inn, has since reassured wary West Village residents that the exclusive spot will shy away from its notorious past, rife with crawling minors and strung out hipsters. In fact, it will even let normal people in! Carter and owner Emil Varda insist the place will inclusive and neighborhood-friendly, and will be a casual spot for comfort food. Says Carter:

"Democracy will be the order of the day at the Beatrice. Most tables will be available on a first-come, first-seated basis. This will be a restaurant for our West Village neighbors and their friends."