06/07/2012 12:35 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Bullying: Share Your Experience

You may have noticed we've been dedicating a good chunk of space on the Huffington Post to stories, slideshows, and blogs about bullying and efforts to combat it.

They're all part of our ongoing effort to investigate, raise awareness about and hopefully help end the incredibly physically, emotionally and mentally damaging -- and sometimes deadly -- phenomenon.

Of course it's important and can be illuminating to hear experts, authors, politicians and celebrities discuss bullying, but the issue is primarily an extremely personal one and one that many -- if not most of us -- have dealt with at some time in our lives.

So, that being said, we'd like to hear about your experiences with bullying. What was the circumstance? How did it make you feel? And even more importantly, how did you overcome it, what did you learn from the experience and what tips do you have for those who are currently being bullied?

By sharing our stories we're often better able to gain perspective about our own experiences and we can certainly take comfort in knowing that we weren't -- or aren't -- alone.

Click below to participate -- it's surprisingly easy to submit your own video. And check out the slideshow below to learn about others' experiences with bullying.

Note: Please do not describe anyone you feel bullied you by name, as we are interested in your experience but not calling out specific individuals. Giving your full name is also not required.


Experiences With Bullying