06/06/2012 10:22 am ET Updated Jun 06, 2012

Can A 6-Year-Old Write A Complete Story? Scholastic Holds Writing Contest For Kids

Scholastic believes "ALL students can express themselves through writing" -- and to prove it, the company has launched a student writing contest with this adorable video adaptation of a rollicking "nit's" -- read: knight's -- tale composed by 6-year-old Scotty.

Actually, Scotty is "6 years old 3 months," as he informs us at the beginning of the video.

Imaginative as the story's plot line is, Scotty's spellings are more creative (we love "aumdele" for "immediately"). If he's looking for a peer spelling tutor, he could do worse than to call in fellow 6-year-old -- and youngest-ever Spelling Bee competitor -- Lori Anne Madison, who struggled to spell "ingluvies," but is doubtless more than capable of sounding out words like "breathed" and "matter."

Teachers: for more information on submitting children's stories to Scholastic's Traits Writing contest (first prize includes the chance to star in a Scotty-style animated video), click here.