06/06/2012 08:27 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Country Living Appraises A 1905 Hardware Case

We're very excited to syndicate one of our favorite columns, 'What Is It? What Is It Worth?,' from one of our favorite magazines, Country Living, which features antiques appraised by Helaine Fendelman. All text and images below are provided by Country Living. Get ready to be surprised!

“I bought this octagonal cabinet at a flea market for $800. Can you tell me what the piece was used for?” - K.K. Edgewood, Kentucky

Circa-1905 Hardware Case

The American Bolt & Screw Case Company designed this eight-sided fixture for the express purpose of housing, yep, bolts and screws — plus their attendant nuts — at hardware and general stores. While the Dayton, Ohio-based manufacturer made the chest in varying materials and dimensions (your walnut, pine, and mahogany example stands at 41 inches), all organized merchandise the same way: Two stenciled numbers adorn each triangle-shaped drawer, corresponding with the measurements of the products inside. These labels, and the fact that the caddy rotates, greatly simplified a customer's search for the desired hardware. More than 100 years ago, the case was touted for its convenience and space-saving qualities. Now your conversation piece carries a seriously impressive appraisal.

What It's Worth: $2,500

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