06/06/2012 05:48 pm ET

Jonathan Quick Called 'Jonathan Swift' On FOX 11 Despite Kings Goalie's Domination In Playoffs (VIDEOS)

Have you heard of this guy, Jonathan Quick? He's the goaltender of the Los Angeles Kings. You know? That team on the verge of winning the Stanley Cup?

While most sports fans probably know this information, we're not so sure about some of the local L.A. television stations covering the Kings' remarkable run through the NHL playoffs. KCBS mistakenly showed the mascot of the Sacramento Kings in a story during the Western Conference Finals. Going into a story about the three L.A. teams in playoff contention (Lakers, Clippers and Kings), NBC Los Angeles accidentally showed the Sacramento Kings logo instead of the symbol of the hockey team.

The Kings' official website even felt the need to post a giant (and awesome) infographic explaining the history of the franchise just so the local media stations wouldn't mix them up again.

Apparently, they might need to try something else.

Some local anchors have mispronounced some of the players' names or just flat out said the wrong name.

So it came as no surprise when a FOX 11 anchor referred to Quick as "Jonathan Swift" during a recent broadcast. Seeing as how the apparent gaffe game after a co-anchor delivered a "Quick" pun while it talking about the goalie, it remains possible that this was an intentional riff. But does it look like it?

Not that all of the other mistakes are excusable, but to get the goalie's name wrong? He's playing the most important position in the game. He's averaging just 1.36 goals allowed. He has three shutouts in the postseason and is playing so well that many believe he's simply not human.

So for these local media stations who can't seem to get it right when it comes to the Kings, here are some of Quick's most amazing saves so far this postseason.

Jonathan Quick's Best Playoffs Saves