06/06/2012 07:19 pm ET

Megan Ham, 11-Year-Old With Life-Threatening Condition, Responds Only To Justin Bieber's Music

Justin Bieber has promised to meet a young fan who is defying medical odds thanks, in part, to his music, Fox 12 News reports.

Megan Ham from Vancouver, Wash., suffers from Lissencephaly, a neurological condition so rare that they are only 1,500 known cases among children worldwide.

Unable to walk or talk, Megan -- who suffers from several seizures a day -- was not expected to live past her second birthday.

At one point, doctors even told Megan's family that she would likely never recognize them or be able to express emotion.

Incredibly, Megan -- now 11 -- has surpassed these staggering medical odds and one of the only things the fifth-grader responds to, her parents, say is Justin Bieber.

"She just can't get enough of him," said Roxanne Ham, Megan's mother.

It was Megan's teachers who first noticed that Bieber's music had a profound effect on the young girl, who smiles and kicks her feet in response to 'The Biebz'.

“It really helps her to get through the day,” said teacher Kim Graves. “It keeps her happy and it keeps her comfortable.”

According to Fox 12 News, Megan's reaction to Bieber's music is something doctors never thought would be possible and it has showed her family that she has the ability to interact with them.

"We never thought we would feel that, from what the doctors said at the beginning," said Megan's father, Michael Ham. "This has really opened up a lot of doors."

Shortly after Megan's story appeared on Fox 12 news, Justin Bieber sent out this tweet to his almost 23 million Twitter followers:

The pop singer will be meeting Megan this October in Portland, Ore., where he will be performing a concert at the Rose Quarter, Hollywood Life reports.