06/06/2012 02:44 pm ET Updated Aug 06, 2012

Mitt Romney Says Wisconsin Recall Win 'Will Echo Throughout The Country'

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Wednesday that the result of Wisconsin's recall election on Tuesday, in which Republican Gov. Scott Walker prevailed, "will echo throughout the country."

Romney made the remark at a fundraiser in San Antonio, Texas. Here is the full quote from a pool report:

"My optimism about the country comes in part from the fact that I'm optimistic about the ability of the American people to do the right thing right now. And I say that because of this. What happened yesterday is just another signal -- and it will echo throughout the country. What you're seeing is the people in Wisconsin -- and it tends to be a blue state in presidential elections -- we don't win a lot in Wisconsin, the last time we won in Wisconsin was 1984. It's been blue voting for president ever since. What happened yesterday was people looked at the Republican governor -- a conservative -- and even though they may have been [D]emocrat or independent they looked at the record of a strong conservative who cut back on the size of government, who help[ed bring] down taxes, who said we have to reform, in this case public sector unions that have asked for too much, and then he went to the polls. There have I believe three in history -- recall elections for governors. Two of them lost, yesterday's was won by the people of Wisconsin doing the right thing and voting for conservative principles."