06/06/2012 02:51 pm ET Updated Jun 06, 2012

Rachel Rodger, Mom, Delivers Own Baby In Parking Garage After Being Stopped By Police Twice

Second-time mom, Rachel Rodger from Perthshire, Scotland was forced to deliver her own baby in a dark parking garage after an unusual obstacle stopped her from making it to the hospital in time.

Rachel's husband, Jason, was driving her to the hospital around 4:00 AM on May 13 because she was in labor. The couple was pulled over twice -- at two different road blocks -- by police who were investigating a break-in at a nearby supermarket. The emergency? Apparently, a bunch of cigarrettes were stolen.

At the first stop, Rachel and Jason were told that they couldn't proceed until they answered a series of questions, News.stv reports.

"When we got to Scone, we got stopped and my husband shouted out to the police officers that I was in labour," Rachel told the news source. She says they were still required to provide their names, address and dates of birth before the officer let them continue driving to the hospital.

"He kept saying we really had to go and I was trying hard not to push as I could feel the baby was pretty close," Rachel told The Daily Record.

And then, as they got closer to the hospital, the Rodgers were stopped by police again. The Daily Record reports that this time they were allowed to continue, but it was too late --Rachel was ready to push.

“How difficult would it have been for the first group of officers to radio ahead that we were coming?” she said.

Jason pulled into Perth Royal Infirmary's dark parking garage and left his wife in the car while he ran inside to get a midwife. Rachel told News.stv that she was screaming and panicking after her legs gave out. In the end, she delivered baby Luke on her own. A midwife arrived only in time to cut the cord.

Being a dutiful grandmother, Rachel's mom filed a complaint on behalf of the couple, and they have since received an apology from Tayside Police's community policing division. Inspector Ian Martin wrote:

"It is a matter of great regret that our actions, intended to affect the arrest of those responsible for a break-in to a premises in Scone, resulted in a delay in your daughter getting to Perth Royal Infirmary. I offer my apologies if the delay in being stopped at the road block impacted on subsequent events and for any anxiety or distress caused to your daughter."



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