06/06/2012 03:49 pm ET Updated Aug 06, 2012

Stacie Laughton, First Transgender N.H. Candidate, Declares Candidacy

Stacie Laughton had a last-minute change of plan Wednesday. Instead of filing her official paperwork to declare her candidacy for Ward 4 State Rep ceremoniously on the first day to file, she's waiting until tomorrow, when she can arrive at the City Clerk's office with her fellow Democrats, in unity.

However, she did make the trip to City Hall on the first day of filing, just to pick up her paperwork, deliver a brief speech to the three people who came for her big moment, and consider the possibilities ahead.

She is the first transgender candidate to run for state office in New Hampshire.

"I'm not sure what historically it means. When I lived in Laconia, I was the youngest candidate to run for city council. And I believe I'm the first transgender female to be a selectman here in Nashua, but obviously, I represent all people, regardless of their gender identification," said Laughton.

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