06/07/2012 07:19 am ET Updated Aug 07, 2012

'American Digger' Finale: Ric Savage Uncovers A $20 Coin Worth $25,000 (VIDEO)

Ric Savage's memorable shouts to the heavens were certainly high points of each episode, but he gave his last shout of the season, as "American Digger" (Wed., 10 p.m. ET on Spike) wrapped its inaugural run with a trip to Big Sexy's in the Louisiana bayou.

Yes, the guy who's property Savage and his team were digging on introduced himself quite seriously as Big Sexy, but not as seriously as Savage took to the name. Probably because of his background in professional wrestling -- where outlandish names are a dime a dozen -- Savage didn't blink twice at the odd name.

He did blink twice -- and give his signature shout -- when they uncovered a $20 gold piece that was minted back in 1907. The rare coin was an exciting find and proved worth all the excitement. The coin, along with a few other choice items they uncovered, netted the team a cool $25,000.

The controversial "American Digger" hasn't been renewed yet by Spike TV, but even if the show goes away, Savage will surely pop up again somewhere. That personality is too big to hide for long. Maybe he could do a buddy show with Big Sexy -- cops or truck drivers -- and call it "Savage & Sexy."

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