06/07/2012 03:32 pm ET

Betabrand Sock Insurance: The Solution To Lost Socks

As you fill up your dryer with your load of laundry, they’re there. But once the dryer starts running, they’re conspiring on how to make your life miserable. They’re growing legs and running free. They’re disappearing into thin air. They’re your socks, and they’re your most frustrating clothing item.

But clothing website has a plan to stop this vicious (laundry) cycle. In an introductory video that many (read: everyone) will find humorously relatable, Betabrand introduces "Betabrand Sock Insurance", a new initiative to ensure that "millions" of socks don’t continue disappearing in vain.

"Why do they disappear?" the narrator asks. "Where do they go? With Betabrand Sock Insurance, it just doesn’t matter."

Betabrand offers a replacement of two single socks per pair up to a year after purchase. How to go about submitting your claim? That merely requires uploading a funny picture to Facebook to their site of you looking sad with a singular sock. Once uploaded, Betabrand sends you a replacement immediately, free of charge. Upon receiving your sock you can "Share Your Joy" by uploading a photo of your happiness upon realizing your socks have been reunited.

The cheeky program offers socks in four colorful stylings (Meta Socks Diamond Socks, Double B Socks, Women’s Meta Socks) for $13 a pair. While $13 may seem like a lot for a single pair of socks, the protection and comfort you’ll feel with their insurance program can put you at ease knowing your feet will stay covered and no socks will be orphaned.