06/07/2012 08:12 am ET Updated Jun 07, 2012

'Take Me Out', George Lopez's New Reality Dating Show, Premieres On Fox

After the cancellation of George Lopez's talk show "Lopez Tonight” late last year, the Mexican-American comedian has been on a TV hiatus. Until tonight when Lopez makes a comeback as host and matchmaker on Fox's new dating reality series "Take Me Out.”

The premiere of "Lopez Tonight" back in November 2009 marked TBS' first attempt to break into the late night scene. But in August of 2011, TBS announced that it is was canceling the show after only two seasons.

The new dating show starts with 30 single women who are lined up at podiums. A bachelor is introduced for inspection by each of the women. If they don't like the guy, they press a button and the light goes out on their podium. If she likes him, the light stays on. The final round is the guy's choice: he poses a question to two finalists and chooses a winner who he then asks out on a date.

"Take Me Out" is similar to the British dating game show of the same name, based on the original Australian dating show "Taken Out."

"So the game comes to America, and it takes a completely different format and style; same game but the answers are a little more honest because we're a different culture in the United States," said Lopez according to Tulsa World.

So what’s Lopez’s ideal match?

“I would say you [have to] have a sense of humor, not take yourself too seriously, be honest, pick up after yourself, love to stay at home and not do much,” Lopez said according to the NY Daily News. “I really don’t go out a lot.”

“I don’t like people that are messy, for one, or that are insecure,” Lopez adds. “I’ve had an interesting life, so I’m very confident, and I don’t like people who are a little bit timid and unsure. I like somebody to be sure.”

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