06/07/2012 08:20 am ET Updated Aug 07, 2012

Jon Stewart Mocks Fox, MSNBC Coverage Of Scott Walker's Recall (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart followed up on his "Madison Men" segment by analyzing the different ways networks reacted to the recount.

While Scott Walker clearly defeated Tom Barrett by several percentage points, that didn't stop networks from making over the top speculations during the counting process.

Stewart joked that “the people have spoken, saying, ‘Oh sorry, you didn’t hear us the first time?’” So what was there to quibble over?

A lot, apparently.

As has now become customary, the news networks functioned less last night as repositories of news and analysis, and more as extensions of the winning or losing campaigns. Fox went with "Gloat Fest 2012"... but if Fox was hot, MSNBC must be MSNBSad... Indeed, MSNBC passed through all the stages of grief last night. Stage one: denial. Stage two: denial. And finally, stage three: just really massive amounts of industrial-grade denial.

Stewart went on to liken Fox's coverage to a touchdown victory dance. Meanwhile, MSNBC might want to call their therapist, because they have like seven more stages of grief to work through.

Check out the full clip above.