06/07/2012 03:25 pm ET Updated Jun 07, 2012

Kelly Ripa And Neil Patrick Harris' Helicopter Hijinks Come Complete With Double Entendres (VIDEO)

It was all child’s play on “Live! with Kelly,” (weekdays on ABC) complete with helicopters, toy guns, and double entendres. Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Neil Patrick Harris were playing around with a toy helicopter and a fake gun. When Harris struggled to fly the ‘copter, Kelly started shouting, “C'mon, get it up. Get it up, so I can shoot it down!”

NPH shot Ripa a wry smile for her subtle wordplay and sent the helicopter soaring ... for a few seconds, before it promptly crashed back to the ground.

The off-the-cuff moment was reminiscent of the time the pair inhaled Sulfur Hexafluoride together and joked around with their chemically-altered low voices. It also demonstrated why NPH would make a great permanent "Live!" co-host ... if his contractual commitment to CBS' "How I Met Your Mother" didn't preclude him from taking the gig for another year.

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