06/07/2012 11:59 am ET

New York Funny Songs Fest: City's Comedian Musicians To Perform In The Lower East Side (VIDEOS)

"Comedy music is a unique art form that gives bookers a headache since they don’t know whether to put us in stand up clubs or music venues,” says Jessica Delfino, creator of the 1st Annual New York Funny Songs Fest, which kicks off Thursday night at Lolita, and runs through the weekend at venues across the Lower East Side.

Events include 'Books and Hooks,' which features comedy musicians performing songs on a book theme, "A Night Of Dirty Songs," and "50 Funny Songs," during which 50 musicians will each play a short number. Check out the full schedule of the events here.

“Henry Phillips kind of nailed it in his movie, ‘Punching The Clown’," said Delfino, "when he said 'I’ve got one foot in the music door, one foot in the comedy door…I’m not really getting anywhere. Just kind of humping the wall between the two doors.' "

(For a full interview with Delfino, go here.)

We parsed through some of the performers' YouTube pages to give you a taste of the funniness:



NY Funny Songs Fest