06/07/2012 09:11 am ET

'Push Girl' Auti Angel: 'I'm Fulfilling My Dreams' (VIDEO)

When dancer Auti Angel was 22 and on the verge of signing a record deal, a car accident nearly stole her show-business dream. "A car clipped the front end of my car and I lost control," she says. "I went spinning, hit the center divider head-on... the impact made me snap my back in half and I severed my spinal cord completely and I became paralyzed from the waist down instantly."

Later, she reapproached the record company. “I’m not going to walk again, but I’m definitely going to dance again," she told them. They looked at her sitting there in her wheelchair... and turned her down.

Now, Angel is one of the stars of the new Sundance Channel reality show "Push Girls." "No matter what obstacle comes your way, it’s always overcomeable," she says in this inspiring AOL video. "I’m fulfilling my dreams."

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