06/07/2012 01:14 pm ET Updated Jun 08, 2012

Fashion Over 50: Summer Classics Every Post50 Should Own

With Memorial Day long past and Father's Day looming, it's high time to switch into summer fashion mode. But whether you're concerned about "dressing your age" or just too wise to cede to the mercurial demands of current fashions, the revealing styles of the summer months can be a challenge for women over 50. So we've asked our style experts Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo from Visual Therapy to identify some classic warm-weather pieces that every woman over 50 can fall back on for elegance and function throughout the summer months.

They drew our attention to timeless accessories that serve multiple purposes, such as the bright pashima that not only lends a splash of color to an outfit but can double as a shawl in overly air-conditioned indoor spaces, as well as the staples, updated for summer, such as cropped pants. (We acknowledge there has been some debate over the cropped pants issue, but if you find the right pair...).

Check out the slideshow below for 15 pieces for summer fashion over 50.



15 Summer Classics Every Post50 Woman Should Have In Her Closet