06/07/2012 02:02 pm ET

The Muppets Love Dubstep, Especially Miss Piggy: 'Moi Simply Can't Sit Still When Moi Hears Dubstep'

When it comes to music, The Muppets have varied tastes. In an interview the Telegraph, Miss Piggy told the UK newspaper that she loves pop divas Lana Del Rey and Adele, before likening herself to the soulful "Someone Like You" singer.

Meanwhile, Kermit the Frog still enjoys playing around with his banjo, but when it comes to dubstep (yes, dubstep), this famous frog is a fan.

"I’m more of a hip-hop frog, but I do like dubstep," said Kermit. While Kermit is hip-hoppin' around the pond, it looks like Miss Piggy is busy blasting dubstep in their Muppet mansion.

"Moi simply can’t sit still when Moi hears dubstep," she said. "The bass is so powerful and the whole effect is so mesmerising and overwhelming! If I were a kind of music, I’d be dubstep."

Kermit may be known for more understated numbers like "Bein’ Green" and "Rainbow Connection", but he really wants to collaborate with an electronic artist.

"I'd love to collaborate with an electronic artist ... and I'd love to work with Skrillex, even though I've never heard his music," he told the Telegraph. "We don’t get electronic music in the swamp. There’s something about electricity and water that just doesn't mix."

After the success of 2011's "The Muppets," Disney announced that they are bringing the gang back for a sequel. The first film, starring Jason Segel, scored the Best Original Song Oscar for "Man or Muppet." Unfortunately, Segel will not return for the sequel.