06/08/2012 02:06 pm ET

Celebrities Drop Post-Baby Weight: Beyonce, Hilary Duff, Jenna Fischer

Beyonce may have sent shock waves through Mommyland when she dropped her post-baby weight faster than you can say "Who runs the world?" (Answer: Queen B), but Hilary Duff is among the celebrity set who are in no rush to return to their skinny status.

"Obviously, I'm not where I want to be," Duff told Us Weekly. "I'm working hard and I'm doing everything I can to lose the weight the right way. I'm breastfeeding, so you have to be careful and not do anything too drastic."

But Duff isn't the only one who has taken a stand for moms who are taking their time to return to a healthy post-baby weight.

"I think it's unnatural," "The Office" star Jenna Fischer told Celebuzz of the pressure from Hollywood for new moms to return to their pre-baby figure. "There's so much pressure on you as a new mom that the last thing you need to have hanging over your head is some expectation of what your body is supposed to look like. I actually think that the scrutiny of new mothers bodies has gotten out of control."

Check out these celebrity post-baby transformations below:

Before/After Pregnant Stars