06/08/2012 12:19 pm ET

Faith Inspires: United Sikhs Raise Awareness, Give Back

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This week's Faith Inspires highlights UNITED SIKHS, a non-profit that aims to "transform underprivileged and minority communities and individuals into informed and vibrant members of society through civic, educational and personal development programs, by fostering active participation in social and economic activity." UNITED SIKHS accomplishes this through programs like SWAN (Someone With A Need), Sikhs For Fitness and the Sikh Awareness Project. Their website is also a resource for protection of religious freedom for Sikhs and others.

UNITED SIKHS is not only inwardly focused. The organization is grounded in interfaith activism and awareness, declaring, "if you don't see God in all, you don't see God at all," and they devote considerable effort to global disaster relief. A recent HuffPost Religion blog explains the intentions and actions of one such relief campaign in Kenya -- the Sri Guru Nanak Food Bank -- which was a part of the Spring of Solidarity in New York City.

Gurvinder Singh, the director of UNITED SIKHS, explains the mission this way:

"When you feed an individual, you assist a family.

When you assist a family you assist a community.

When you assist a community you assist a nation.

When you assist a nation you change the world."

HuffPost Religion applauds the good works of United Sikhs. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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