06/08/2012 11:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Stewart Mocks Joe Scarborough For New York Times Rant (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart found Joe Scarborough's outrage over a New York Times story about Mitt Romney's home in California absolutely ridiculous on Thursday night.

Scarborough spent over twenty minutes ripping a Times' story about Romney's opulent home on Thursday's "Morning Joe." He alleged that the piece was an attempt to smear Romney, and claimed that the paper never reported on John Kerry's wealth even though the senator was just as rich.

"Wow, I guess if the New York Times did do something like that it would take the wind out of this man's complaint," Stewart observed on his show that night. He proceeded to play a clip of Willie Geist referencing a 2004 Times' story about Kerry's luxurious homes and vacations.

"So what if the latte-drinking leftists at the Times once buried a Kerry elitism story on page... A1 of the popular Sunday edition just four weeks before the national election?" Stewart asked sarcastically. "How does that match up with the Romney story in the New York Times' famed home section, known throughout the world as 'The New York Times has a home section?'"

He turned to Scarborough's point that it would have been "fair game" for a newspaper to investigate both candidates. But what exactly is "fair game" according to the media?

Stewart referenced a treasure chest of clips of cable news hosts debating whether Romney's alleged bullying incident and criticism of his Bain Capital record were "fair game" for political fodder.

"I'm beginning to think this whole media 'is it fair?' conversation is a time-killing circle jerk but that would be a disservice to circle jerks because even circle jerks end with some kind of tangible conclusion," Stewart said.



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