06/08/2012 01:26 pm ET Updated Jun 08, 2012

Lobster Roll Rumble 2012: A 20-Eatery Crustacean Orgy (PHOTOS)

Last night's Lobster Roll Rumble in New York City, courtesy of Tasting Table, brought out droves of fans who happily scarfed down rolls whipped up by a whopping 20 different eateries from around the country.

Your trusted HuffPost editors were there as well, snapping pictures and sampling the delicacies. Here's the low down, in case you weren't able to make it.

Our most favorite:

  • The Clam Shack, which hails from Kennebunkport, Maine, caught our attention with its no-frills approach of fresh lobster and a restrained dollop of house-made mayonnaise.
  • Mary's Fish Camp from New York, N.Y was another favorite. We dug the light mayo dressing and chive garnish.
  • Luke's Lobster, also from New York City, was a standout with its delicate butter dressing.
  • B&G Oysters from Boston, Mass. had the editors split. If you like lemon, this roll is a winner. If not, best move on to another.

Our least favorite:

  • Freddy's Lobsters And Clams from Bethesda, Md. tried a different route -- and we applaud them for taking the risk -- but we really didn't understand the hot roll with roasted peppers and salsa, which completely masked the taste of the lobster.
  • The Mermaid Inn from New York City gets points for warming their rolls on a griddle before serving, but the big flecks of salt overpowered the sweet meat within.
  • Lure Fishbar, also of New York City, had some friendly and colorful characters working their table, but none could make their bacon-filled lobster roll more palatable. We can't believe we're saying this, but here, bacon is just unnecessary.

The evening's patrons also judged the rolls, and they crowned The Clam Shack the fan favorite. Tasting Table editors selected The John Dory Oyster Bar as their top choice.

Click through the below slideshow to see some of the lobster rolls that were competition.