06/08/2012 12:33 pm ET

Stat Key Company: Unlocking Your Front Door Just Got A Little Easier

As you walk up to your door, there’s a cacophony of shuffling and jingling as you try to find that right key. You fumble through similar looking keys and can’t remember which one opens your gym locker and which one opens the top lock of your apartment. While nail polish or other markings can help you distinguish key from key, why not make something you constantly carry around a little more stylish?

Stat Key Company offers just that, with uniquely crafted chrome silver keys cut into shapes featuring everything from hand grenades and handguns to skulls and puzzle pieces. The Stat Key designs run from $6 to $7, but those looking for a one-of-a-kind key creation can submit an image to the website for a custom make (with a minimum 10-key requirement for custom orders). The keys come blank and can be taken to any key cutter.

Thrillist is currently offering a deal on the Stat Key “Contraband” series, which features keys in the shape of a handgun, a grenade, a skull and a skull with bones. The deal offers five keys from the series for $10, a savings of 71 percent from the normal price tag of $35.