06/08/2012 08:29 am ET

'Vampire' Graves In Bulgaria Could Create Tourism Boom

The discovery of supposed "vampire" graves in Bulgaria may translate to big bucks for the country if curious tourists continue to flock bloodward.

The graves were uncovered just this week in the Black Sea town of Sozopol. The skeletons were found pinned down through their chests with iron rods, a practice which was once believed to keep the dead from returning to feast on the blood of the living.

According to the Sofia News Agency, Bulgarian tour operators are reporting a spike in inquiries about so-called vampire vacations. So far, the reaction from Germans and Brits has been highest, but many Americans and Russians are also expected.

Long lines have also been reported at the Saint Nicholas Wonderworker monastery, the site of the excavations.

Archaeologists believe that one of the skeletons belongs to a pirate called Krivich Crooked, reports The Telegraph. Historians plan to put the skeleton on display in the national museum in Sophia in a specially prepared glass case.

Of course, Bulgaria isn't the only place to check out vampires. The Transylvania region of Romania is home to the world's most famous supposed vampire, Dracula and, yes, there are vampire tours.

In fact,Prince Charles just paid a visit to Transylvania, though probably not to a haunted keep.