06/09/2012 12:40 pm ET

Key & Peele Open RTCA Dinner As Obama & Luther, Defend Louis C.K. (VIDEO)

Key & Peele used their alter egos of Obama and Luther to defend both the President and Louis C.K. in a video that opened Friday night's Radio and Television Congressional Correspondents Dinner.

The comedy duo seem to have struck gold with the recurring characters, having already received a thumbs up from the President himself. Poking fun at his calm, measured demeanor, the sketch pairs a spot-on impersonation of the President alongside his "anger translator" Luther, the guy who says everything we imagine the real Obama would like to say.

When he stopped by "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" in April, Obama pointed out how much he liked the sketch, and more recently, the two comedians got to meet the man himself and take a few photos.

At Friday's dinner, the duo unveiled a video created specifically for the event, and they didn't shy away from mocking the assembled journalists.

The RTCA made news back in March when Louis C.K. dropped out as host of the dinner for widely speculated reasons. (According to C.K. he pulled out due to a scheduling conflict, though many in the media attributed his move to a stink made by Fox News' Greta Van Susteren.)

Fortunately for Key & Peele, the "controversy" gave them plenty of material for the video.



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