06/10/2012 12:46 pm ET

LISTEN: Becoming Fearless Podcast

On Tuesday, June 5, HuffPost's Becoming Fearless was the topic of the day on the HealthyLife.net radio network podcast, "Doctor on Call with Dr. Jane Greer."

In the show's first half hour, Becoming Fearless editor Elizabeth Kuster talks about the origins of the new HuffPost section and how it's helping readers challenge, confront and surmount their fears:

“Everybody has fear.... It’s all about overcoming it, living a great life in spite of your fears, facing them, learning about them. The section launched on May 3rd, and even in that short time, I’ve already started to see a radical difference in my own fear level, because I’m facing all kinds of different fears. I’m writing about them, I’m learning about them… it’s kind of like yanking off the bandage.”

Then, author and HuffPost blogger Brenda Della Casa candidly discusses her journey toward becoming fearless after surviving an extremely violent childhood -- and how she finally found the courage to write about the abuse she'd endured:

"This is a little bit overwhelming for me.... I had held back in the past about talking about my childhood. I had put my childhood in a box and never wanted to revisit it. When I had the opportunity [to blog for Becoming Fearless], I thought, This is exactly the forum in which I should reveal everything that I'm comfortable revealing. When I wrote the piece, I poured my heart out. And I was terrified. I'm not going to candy-coat it."

To listen to the hourlong podcast, click here.

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