06/11/2012 06:24 pm ET

Chris Puett Attempts To Sell Bear Cubs At Nevada County Gas Station (VIDEO)

The Department of Fish and Game is investigating Chris Puett for possession of two bear cubs with intent to sell after authorities discovered the Nevada County resident peddling the adorable animals at a gas station in San Juan.

Puett was tracked down at his home by authorities later that day. He was not arrested, but the cubs were removed from his home and taken to the Department of Fish and Game's regional office.


Eventually the baby bears will be transferred to a wildlife rehabilitation center in South Lake Tahoe, reported Gawker. They were most likely born in January or February, making them eligible for rehabilitation and release into the wild during hibernation.

"These two cubs are in really good health," Department of Fish and Game State Bear Program Coordinator Marc Kenyon told USA Today. "We're pretty confident they'll have a good chance of survival."

Puett told officials that he shot the cubs' mother on his property because she charged at him. Only after the mother bear had died did he notice the two bear cubs in the tree above him.

It took him eighteen hours to capture the cubs, which he named Yogi and BooBoo, reported NBC Los Angeles.

Puett claims that he was not trying to sell the cubs, which several witnesses supported.

"I talked to Fish and Game," Puett told USA Today. "They said 'shoot the cubs or leave them there.' I know the age of animals -- their teeth were small. They need the Mama."

For more, take a look at USA Today's video below: