06/11/2012 09:59 am ET

Even Lena Dunham's Dog Is Getting Frisky With Her

I was shocked to learn that you were living with your parents while you were writing, producing and starring in the first season of HBO's "Girls." Moving back in with Mom and Dad after school is one reason that Gen Xers like myself privately disparage people of your generation. When I was graduating, I remember my parents' surprise. They were like, "Do you realize that none of us would have accepted help from our parents?" They were shocked by what my friends were settling for. But I really love living with my parents. Few people who aren’t in my family understand it.

So are you still living with them?
This is my next to last night at my parents' house. I just got back from my new apartment in Brooklyn, where I'm doing some vague remodeling and painting of dank walls.

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