06/11/2012 05:24 pm ET Updated Jun 12, 2012

George Ow, Jr., California Businessman, And Family Give Scholarship To 129 Disadvantaged Students

One California philanthropist from modest beginnings has donated scholarship money to students who will be attending community college, some of whom have faced some of the same challenges he has.

George Ow, Jr., a Santa Cruz, Calif., real estate developer, and his family have donated $500 each in scholarship money to 129 ethnic minority and disadvantaged high school students who are enrolling in Cabrillo College, a local community college, Santa Cruz Patch reports.

The $64,500 donation was the largest scholarship donation amount given to the college ever in one year, according to the news outlet.

Ow's objective is to provide the American Dream for people who are less fortunate, saying in a press release "that you can come from humble beginnings and become anybody and anything that you work hard and smart enough at, and when you become, you shall assist others" according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Ow’s parents immigrated from China, settled in Santa Cruz, Calif., and opened a grocery store, where he and his siblings worked, the news outlet reports. Ow went on to graduate from UCLA with a master's degree in business administration and eventually took over the real estate business his family established.

For almost 25 years Ow and his family have given over $368,000 though the American Dream Scholarships to 842 Cabrillo students, according to the college foundation.

The American Dream Scholarship Program partners with the United Negro College Fund to help assist full time students who need extra financial aid.

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