06/11/2012 02:42 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Jose Rosario-Gonzalez, Florida Teacher, Resigns After Projecting 'Gay Threesome Sex' Video Title

A Florida-based teacher has resigned after allegedly projecting the title of a YouTube video labeled "Gay Threesome Sex" in his classroom.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that Jose Rosario-Gonzalez cited "family/personal reasons" in his resignation letter from T. Dewitt Taylor Middle-High School, which serves grades six to 12, in Pierson, Fla. The 53-year-old Rosario-Gonzalez had reportedly been teaching history at the school for 12 years.

Tampa Bay's WTSP News cites written statements from a number of Rosario-Gonzalez's students, who said the title of the sex video appeared when the teacher hooked his computer up to a classroom projector and accessed YouTube.

"Mr. Rosario was on YouTube, he scrolled through his videos and there was history videos except for one," one student reportedly wrote. "This was one was titled 'Gay Threesome Sex.' The whole class was saying 'eww' and 'What is that doing on there?' and he just kept scrolling and didn't say anything."

School officials reportedly told Rosario-Gonzalez about the allegations against him after a student's parent complained about the incident, and said he could face termination if the claims are proven true, at which point he opted instead to quit.

Rosario-Gonzalez reportedly did not deny the incident, but instead noted that he "did this on his own time, in the privacy of his home and it was never his intention to show students."

Edge on the Net cites school officials as saying that Rosario-Gonzalez computer was full of gay porn. The News-Journal reported that Rosario-Gonzalez was suspended in March for three days after he "directed students to his blog [that] they said sometimes included content or links to material laced with profanity and sexual overtones."