06/11/2012 12:47 pm ET Updated Jun 11, 2012

Meghan McCain: Obama 'Is Obviously Benefitting From' Leaks (VIDEO)

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Meghan McCain condemned leaks of classified national security information to the New York Times on Monday, echoing her father's remarks on the issue.

The White House has been accused of leaking sensitive information for political gain in the wake of the Times' stories about Obama's "kill list" and the use of cyberweapons against Iran. John McCain made that charge, and demanded an investigation into the leaks.

Meghan McCain and Hayes appeared on "Today" to discuss their new books, and weighed in on the controversy on Monday.

McCain suggested that Obama played some role in the leaks. "Well, I don't know of proof exactly, but I think when there's a leak like this, you have to look and see who is benefitting," she said. "And the president is obviously benefitting from this."

She also said that the security breach "sends absolute chills up and down my spine about exactly what we have given the terrorists and our enemies," adding that "whomever is doing this is not putting their country first and thinking about America and the safety of our troops."

Hayes disagreed, saying, "I think we need more leaks and not less." He explained, "I mean I actually think that we should know how the war is operating and what's going on with a kill list that's operating out of the White House or what covert activities we're engaged in."

The two guests, however, did not butt heads. "Chris and I are going to – we'll agree to disagree, Chris, there you go," McCain responded, shaking his hand.



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