06/11/2012 03:45 pm ET

Melt-Proof Ice Cream: Is It Real?

Has science finally come through for us? Has someone finally found a way to make ice cream that won't melt, no matter the heat?

To find out, the team at Japan's RocketNews sent a reporter to China to pick up one of the magical treats, simply called "Banana," from a local 7-11. This brave journalist sat in the summer heat for hours, carefully cataloging a detailed timeline of the ice cream pop's reaction to the elements, as well as his own.

Please, do not panic. While Nestle has wrapped this innovative ice cream pop in a thin, seemingly water-tight layer of yellow gelatin, the ice cream inside will still turn into soup if you leave it in the hot, Chinese sun for three hours. As OddityCentral points out, Nestle may not have invented the first melt-proof ice cream pop, but they certainly made a bunch of money telling people they might have.