06/11/2012 01:33 pm ET Updated Jun 11, 2012

Oscar Rando, Spain Man, To Run Entire Length Of Spain And 'Sell' Fat For Charity

Since starting his near-2,000-mile trek across the entire length of Spain, Oscar Rando has lost 50 pounds and is “selling” it all off for charity.

When the Barcelona man committed to slimming down, he decided to devote his quest to helping those in need in his country, reports. Donors are giving about $3 for every pound he loses to support Gats, a charity that helps disadvantaged people find jobs.

In a country where the unemployment rate has hit 24 percent, Rando’s work is key. The long-distance runner has already raised $40,000 and hopes to double his fundraising by the end of the year, according to NPR.

While Rando is pairing his philanthropy efforts with a campaign promoting a healthy lifestyle, some other runners have taken to indulging in some serious saturated fat while raising money for charity.

Back in February, about 8,000 racers convened in North Carolina to partake in the Krispy Kreme Challenge -- a 5-mile race that requires participants to also down a dozen doughnuts.

The participants pulled in an estimated $100,000 for the North Carolina Children’s Hospital.

"I think it draws on two humans emotions," Joshua Chappell, a sophomore at N.C. State who helped organize the event, told the Huffington Post. "You get the bragging the rights and also the fact that it supports such a great cause."