06/11/2012 09:04 am ET

Were You Confused By 'Prometheus' Too?

[Warning! If you have not yet seen Prometheus, this post is not going to make any sort of sense and you will be undoubtedly spoiled. Additional warning: I am not entirely sure I understood what was going on in Prometheus and so even if you have seen this movie already, it's quite possible this won't make any sort of sense.]

Last night, at a packed Manhattan theater for an opening night showing of Prometheus, a friend turned to me and said, “It’s really kind of weird you even want to see this. Don’t you hate outer space?” The answer is yes! I won’t bore you with the reasoning behind my terror of outer space (except to remind you we’re in it, hurtling through it, right at this very minute. Brawwwwng!). Suffice it to say nothing makes my heart beat a little faster than a wide shot of a vast (oh so vast) planet- and star-filled sky. And who does a gleaming spaceship gliding through terrifyingly cold skies better than Ridley Scott? For that matter, who does totally bananas things better than Ridley Scott? And really, is there a better scary sci-fi movie than 1979′s Alien? It’s doubtful.

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