06/11/2012 02:55 am ET Updated Jun 11, 2012

Crowdsurfing Woman At Tony Awards Presents A Mystery To Crack (VIDEO)

UPDATE: An observant commenter just gave us the skinny on the crowdsurfing wonder: "It was one of three 'out to commercial' moments for Neil Patrick Harris. Each had something 'odd' going on. First one had a guy in full Lion King costume complete with huge headdress sitting in an aisle seat 'blocking' the guy behind him. Second was actors backstage bickering while James Corden offers Neil Patrick Harris a glass of champagne. This was the third one."
Thanks nygal1!

Among the oddities at the Tony Awards Sunday night, a cruiseline cast of "Hairspray" performed from their boat. Just as Neil Patrick Harris started to cut to commercial, a very strange thing happened, even stranger than a cruiseline cast of "Hairspray" broadcasting from a boat. A woman in the background crowdsurfed from the aisle to her seat -- she was so stiff she didn't look alive, and then she sat down at the very end of it all and crossed her legs.

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