06/11/2012 10:18 am ET

On Love And Money: Who Should Pay For The First Dates?

Ladies, just offer to pay. Let go of the expectation that men "should" pay. The Mancession has come (and is slowly leaving). We're not racking up college degrees and killing ourselves for high-powered jobs and equal pay so that when we're out on a date and the check comes we can stare, doe-eyed and vacant, at whoever's across the table until they slap down their AmEx and take care of it like it's the one thing they've been waiting to do all day - spend money on a girl!

Odds are, a lot of men will pay anyway when you offer. But an increasing number of my single female friends always offer to split the check the first time out with someone. One said this just feels like the most natural thing in the age of online dating when you haven't even physically interacted with many of the people you go out with. As this friend put it: "It feels weird to have some random from the Internet spending money on me."

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