06/12/2012 09:01 am ET Updated Jun 12, 2012

Ann Coulter To Sean Hannity: Leaks Are 'Coming From The White House To Make Obama Look Good' (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter laid into President Obama and his administration for the recent controversy surrounding leaks to the press.

After stories containing highly sensitive information were published in the New York Times and elsewhere, Congressional leaders from both parties demanded an investigation into the source of the leaks, with Republicans saying they must have come from inside the White House. The Obama administration has denied this, and Attorney General Eric Holder appointed two prosecutors to look into the matter.

Coulter charged that the leaks were coming directly from the Obama White House. "Who leaked SEAL Team Six to brag about killing Osama bin Laden? That came out of the president’s mouth," Coulter said. "Leaking by the United States government generally has been bad, it's always much worse under the Democrats."

Coulter argued that the Obama administration has jeopardized the safety of informants in order to "brag" about national security accomplishments, like killing Osama bin Laden. "They had to brag about the help they got from a Pakistani pharmacist and he has just been sentenced to 30 years in prison," Coulter said. She added, "Unfortunately the rest of the world doesn't understand, you can trust us when a Republican is in office, but you can't when a Democrat is in office."

Coulter pressed that it did not really matter who actually leaked information to the press because the information was coming straight from the White House "to make Obama look good." She said, "It sometimes comes from his mouth!"

"That's the key point," Hannity said. "That's the key point."



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