06/12/2012 02:27 pm ET

BadHappy Poutine's Tom Kern On Chat Chow TV: Chef Explains His Decadent Canadian Dish

If you've never heard of poutine, you're not alone--but Chef Tom Kern hopes you'll be craving it soon.

Kern, a North Carolina native, recently opened BadHappy Poutine in River North, Chicago's first eatery devoted specifically to the high-calorie dish.

Chat Chow caught up with Kern to talk about poutine, its origins, and to understand how his background led to the restaurant's unique creations. And, Lucky them, they sample some of BadHappy Poutine's signature milkshakes.

Learn about the cheesy, savory, totally indulgent comfort food that could very well be on the verge of taking Chicago by storm above.

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