06/12/2012 07:57 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Friends Of Quinn: Sam's Life With Learning Disabilities (VIDEO)

Last week, we heard from Quinn Bradlee, CEO of FriendsOfQuinn.com, an online information hub and social platform for young adults with learning disabilities, or as he likes to call them, learning differences (LD).

He says FriendsOfQuinn is the "only social website" for people with LD, and he recently relaunched the site to foster more connection between people with LD and their friends and family members. In a quest to help empower other people with LD to open up about their stories, FriendsOfQuinn is sharing a series of videos, including the clip above of Sam, a 22-year-old from Minneapolis with Asperger's syndrome.

After being misdiagnosed multiple times during childhood, Sam struggled with school, social interactions and conversation. What he's learned about his behavior over the years informs his outlook on the world today, he says. "It's hard to tell where the collection of traits that are defined as Asperger's syndrome end and the rest of my personality begins," he says.

But learning differently hasn't kept Sam from pursuing his dream of cooking professionally. Today, he works as a chef in a Minneapolis restaurant. Check out the video above to hear more.