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Members of a marijuana advocacy softball team -- The One Hitters -- stopped smelling their gloves and rubbing their cheeks against the grass just long enough to beat the White House's team. President Obama quipped that his opponent's entire campaign message can fit into a tweet, though we guess that depends on whether human/robot hybrid Mitt Romney writes his platform in English or binary. And Marine One earned Jay Carney's eternal thanks today when it terrorized half the White House press corps. This is HUFFPOST HILL for Tuesday, June 12th, 2012:

HECKUVA JOB, RUSH: CORPORATE AMERICA PULLING BACK FROM ALL TALK RADIO- Amanda Terkel and HuffPost Hill will report tomorrow on the killing of the golden goose that was talk radio, murdered by one very foul-mouthed host: "Ed Schultz and Sean Hannity have found something they can agree on: It was wrong for liberals to launch a campaign targeting Rush Limbaugh's advertisers after he called a law student a 'slut.'...[A]t the Talkers New Media Seminar on June 7 in New York City, Schultz broke with the progressive community and criticized it for going after Limbaugh. 'If we start attacking advertisers because of what somebody said -- it's the wrong thing to do,' he said, according to video of the event. Schultz told the audience that he called Media Matters founder David Brock and expressed his displeasure with the fact that his group was going after Limbaugh's advertisers earlier in the year, demanding they drop the right-wing radio host over his controversial comments about Sandra Fluke. 'I said, 'David, this is Ed Schultz. I need you to know what's happening. This is what's happening. There's a lot of people getting hurt. This is going to too far. It's my opinion, you can take it for what it's worth.''...Schultz was concerned that other talk radio hosts would be collateral damage in what was supposed to be a precision strike on Limbaugh. 'Don't attack advertisers. It's too hard in the spoken word,' he said at the Talkers conference. The concern is not an idle one. Interviews with industry insiders on the left and right reveal that Schultz' fears were well founded: Corporate advertisers, in the wake of the Limbaugh-Fluke controversy, have broadly pulled back from talk radio across the political spectrum, unwilling to take the risk of being associated with comments that could offend half or more of their customer base." More at HuffPost tomorrow morning, but you get the gist.

ROMNEY TAKES ON REALITY - Mike McAuliff: "Trying to counter criticism from the White House, Romney argued that it was 'completely absurd' to say he would cut the hiring of such civil servants because the federal government plays no part in those decisions. 'That's a very strange accusation,' Romney said on 'Fox & Friends.' 'Of course, teachers and firemen and policemen are hired at the local level and also by states. The federal government doesn't pay for teachers, firefighters or policemen. So obviously that is completely absurd.' In fact, the federal government spends huge amounts of money to support all those professions... In all, the federal government pays for nearly 11 percent of the country's public school costs. Uncle Sam also funds thousands of police jobs ever since the Community Oriented Policing Services program was created in 1994. In its first eight years, COPS provided about a billion dollars annually, mostly for hiring. In 2010, separate from any stimulus spending, the federal government awarded $298 million for 1,388 officers. It spent $247 million to hire more than 1,000 officers in 2011. About 800 will be hired with $111 million in 2012. The Congressional Research Service estimated that as of January 2011 the program had paid for the hiring of 117,000 officers." [HuffPost]

TEA PARTY UPDATE: STILL AROUND - Running tomorrow in Roll Call from Janie Lorber: "James Bopp Jr., a prominent conservative lawyer and high-ranking Republican National Committeeman, is helping tea partyers win some space on the official GOP 2012 platform. Bopp, who once served as vice chairman of the RNC, is one of 100 members tasked with writing the platform and is using his expertise to advise FreedomWorks, an influential conservative advocacy organization that has taken on the Tea Party mantle... So it is perhaps no surprise that he showed up at FreedomWork's policy and political boot camp on Sunday to give activists the inside scoop on influencing the party's platform, which will be officially blessed at the Republican convention in Tampa. 'We're doing everything we can do to get everybody on board with the RNC and our candidate,' he said."

President Obama insists his campaign is still about hope... which it can't help but notice was downsized and outsourced by Mitt Romney. Also, Bain. Jon Ward: "President Barack Obama pleaded with supporters at a fundraiser here Tuesday afternoon to resurrect the spirit of his 2008 campaign. 'If people ask you, 'What's this campaign?' you tell them, it's still about hope. You tell them it's still about change,' Obama told a few hundred supporters in a downtown hotel ballroom. 'You tell them it's still about ordinary people who believe that in the face of great odds we can make a difference in the life of this country. I still believe that.'" [HuffPost]

DAILY DELANEY DOWNER - Las Vegas resident Bruce Rotstein has an update from the Land of Joblessness. "Last week my family gave me some clothes and I took them back because we have no money for food," Rotstein, 65, said in an email. "I used to wear $150.00 shoes that lasted me 3 years now I wear $24.00 shoes that last me 3 months and I have to make them last forever. My wife's birthday was last week and we went to a free buffet because we cannot pay for food at a restaurant. I still send out dozens of resumes and still no one calls. What I want to know is why do these politicos keep saying we need more tax cuts for the rich. Give me a break the rich and big corporations have not helped in any way." [Hang in there!]

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HERE'S THE GUY RAISING ALL THAT ROMNEY MONEY - Spencer Zwick, Romney's fundraising guru, is the candidate's "sixth son": "Few advisers are as close to Romney, 65, as Zwick, the 32-year-old aide who's spent nearly all of his professional life working for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. For about a decade, Zwick has been by Romney's side, traveling from the spires of Salt Lake City to the halls of the Massachusetts statehouse...It's also a connection that has made millions for Zwick. His fundraising consulting firm, SJZ LLC, has collected nearly $7.5 million from Romney's presidential bid, making it the campaign's third highest paid vendor. In April, the company received $900,000 from the campaign, 7.16% of the total expenditures. In addition to that firm, Zwick in 2008 began meeting with major campaign donors about a month after Romney ended his first White House quest to raise money for a private equity fund Zwick was starting with Romney's son, Tagg. Two of the early $10- million-dollar investors were Romney and his wife, Ann. When it opened, the firm was headquartered in the same office building as the Romney campaign offices and press aide Eric Fehrnstrom at times helped with media strategy." If Zwick really wanted to be a sixth Romney son, he'd have to change his given name from Spencer to something more Romney-esque (our suggestion: Kole). [Bloomberg]

President Obama, who we're pretty sure won in 2008 because of "Hope" and "Change," went after Mitt Romney's easily condensable campaign platform today. Dave Jamieson: "Speaking at a fundraiser in Baltimore on Tuesday, President Barack Obama took a shot at the depth of policy ideas coming from GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, saying you could fit the entire Romney campaign 'on a tweet.'" [HuffPost]

Bad poll for Obama 1: "A new telephone survey of Likely Iowa Voters shows Romney earning 47% support to Obama's 46%. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate, and four percent (4%) are undecided." [Rasmussen]

Bad poll for Obama 2: "PPP's newest North Carolina poll finds Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama 48-46. It's a small lead but still significant in that it's the first time we've found Romney ahead in our monthly polling of the state since October. Romney's gained 7 points on Obama in North Carolina since April, when the President led by a 49-44 margin." [PPP]

HOLDER SEEKING DEAL TO AVOID CONTEMPT VOTE - John Rudolf: "Attorney General Eric Holder said during Senate testimony Tuesday that he is willing to compromise with Republican leaders over a congressional probe into a botched gun-trafficking investigation in order to avoid a threatened contempt charge. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, had said Monday that his panel will vote next week on whether to cite Holder with contempt of Congress over the Justice Department's failure to hand over documents related to Operation Fast and Furious. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) released a statement Monday afternoon endorsing the vote for contempt if further cooperation from Holder was not forthcoming. 'The Justice Department is out of excuses,' Boehner said." [HuffPost]

HOLDER ALERTS PUBLIC TO POSSIBLE MIC DROPPING - Jen Bendery: "Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday he doesn't know if he'll stay in his job if President Barack Obama wins a second term in November. 'What my future holds, frankly, I'm just not sure,' Holder said during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, when asked point blank if he plans to stay in Obama's administration. Holder said that question is ultimately up to Obama. Pressed on whether he would stay if the president asked him to, Holder simply said he has enjoyed his time as attorney general but that 'it's been a tough job.' 'It is one that takes a lot out of you,' he said. 'Some have raised concerns about whether I was tough enough. I hope people will see ... [that I] stuck by my guns ... I've lost some, I've won more than I've lost. This has been the highlight of my career.'" [HuffPost]

Marine One is kind of a jerk: "[A] group of journalists in the presidential press posse found themselves facing fluke gusts of hurricane-force winds as Marine One landed on the South Lawn of the White House this morning. 'It was a quiet, gentle rain falling on the group of us on the South Lawn–until Marine One arrived,' Huffington Post reporter Jennifer Bendery told The Politicker. 'People initially just huddled closer together as the wind picked up, but then, as the chopper touched down, the breeze turned into gales and everyone was just blown apart. Most people's umbrellas were instantly flipped inside out and some appeared broken.'" [Observer]

LARRY CRAIG GETS THE SHAFT - TPM: "Federal campaign regulators brought the hammer down on disgraced former Sen. Larry Craig on Monday, accusing him of misusing hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign cash to pay for his legal defense following an arrest in a Minneapolis airport bathroom sex sting. The Federal Election Commission filed a federal lawsuit against Craig, who now works as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C., asking a judge to order the former lawmaker to pay back his campaign committee more than $200,000 and stop him from raiding the committee for his own personal use. Craig did not return a message left at his lobbying firm. The case stems from the Idaho Republican's embarrassing 2007 arrest by an undercover cop in a Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport bathroom stall. The cop said Craig made sexual advances toward him by tapping his feet under the stall divider." [TPM]

Two new blogs to keep you from working: Greg Mitchell's Campaign 2012 at The Nation and Garance Franke-Ruta's eponymous blog at The Atlantic.

C'MON, PLAYBOOK This snippet couldn't have been more establishment worshipping if it vowed to sacrifice a goat in honor of Third Way: "'MORNING JOE' is broadcasting live from Chicago , in connection with today's graduation ceremony for the 37 latest graduates of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program, including Kenneth Williams, president and CEO of The Shred Authority, a secure document-shredding service with the slogan 'Better Shred Than Read.' Taking a tour yesterday were, left to right, Goldman Sachs chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein; Warren Buffett, who will deliver the commencement address; Mayor Rahm Emanuel; and Williams. Williams had an MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management, but said the Goldman Sachs program taught him practical new ways to zero in on metrics. That has allowed him to identify his most profitable routes, by driver, and identify what those drivers do that is different. Pic http://bit.ly/Klp9j4" Just... just... just... just... [Politico]

NORTH DAKOTA UPDATE - Not that you needed even more North Dakota updates. John Celock: "North Dakota residents are voting Tuesday on a controversial religious freedom referendum that opponents say could legalize child abuse, domestic violence and the marriage of men to 12-year-old girls. Measure 3 -- one of four statewide referendums on the ballot -- would amend the state constitution to prevent state and local officials from implementing laws that could be defined as obstructing the exercise of religion. Supporters say that the law is needed to protect religion in North Dakota against such efforts as initiatives requiring religious institutions to provide contraception coverage to employees in health insurance packages. Opponents say that the measure will open up a laundry list of issues for the state." [HuffPost]

HIGH AND INSIDE: WEED ACTIVISTS PLAY SOFTBALL WITH WHITE HOUSE STAFFERS - WaPo: "Anyone notice a cloud hanging over the Mall last week? That might have been the White House softball team getting absolutely smoked by the team fielded by the marijuana lobby. The One Hitters, the team of pro-pot activists, beat STOTUS (the Softball Team of the U.S.) 25-3. Marijuana doesn't seem to dampen athletic prowess (which we already knew -- hello, Michael Phelps!). Still, the victors were gracious about the rout. 'The One Hitters enjoyed slugging it out with the White House,' said Aaron Houston, executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, the group that sponsors the team. 'Hopefully we can play them again when they aren't totally absorbed in work.'" [WaPo]


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@pourmecoffee: Navy drone crashed in a Maryland swamp. Now they have to get Yoda to raise it with his mind.

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5:00pm - 6:30pm: Dairy Day on Capitol Hill means dozens of small groups of Upper Midwesterners will be wandering around lost, so resist the urge to mislead them and just point them towards the Dairy Celebration Reception in Hart. [902]

6:00pm: Vogue editor Anna Wintour, the only person in America who makes "Oubahmah" sound snootier than "Mitt Romney," shills high fashion Obama campaign garb with the help of vintage supermodel Iman. [110 North Carpenter Street, Chicago]


10:15am: We're not going to pretend that ten in the morning is your typical ice cream hour, but there'll be a Good Humor truck giving it away for free as part of a dairy industry promotion "2012 Presidential Ice Cream Poll," so you should probably get some while you can. [Constitution Ave NW & 15th St NW]

6:30pm: Dueling fundraisers at Ruth's Chris to benefit ambitious Republican senators. So, will it be Saxby Chambliss or Kelly Ayotte?? Why do they make it so hard to choose? [ 724 9th Street NW]

6:30pm - 8:30pm: Smithsonian receptions are notorious snooze-fests, and the National History Day "Night At The Museum" reception promises not to disappoint. Then again, the National Museum of American History is a sweet venue for cocktails. If you've never been, don't miss it.

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