06/12/2012 10:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kate Flannery On 'StandUp In Stilettos': 'The Girls Can Play Just As Hard As The Boys'

"The idea was comedy for women, but it's not like a 'Cathy' cartoon; it's way hipper."

That's how "The Office" star Kate Flannery describes her new all-female stand-up show, "StandUp In Stilettos," coming to the TV Guide Network this month. The show's 12 episodes will feature 36 women, three per episode, performing comedy in front of a live audience. Flannery hopes the easily digestible segments will expose the Guide's browsers to quality comedy of the female variety.

"It's a nice intro for people who might be closed-minded about women in comedy," Flannery said in an interview. "I cannot believe that in all the years that there have been female stand-ups, there has never been a show just for them. The girls can play just as hard as the boys, so I think it's long overdue."

And based on the first (and as of writing, only) comment on the show's preview video on YouTube, it might be coming at just the right time:

Having the first all-female stand-up show air on a network that only allots them half of the screen may come off as an affront to some. Flannery thinks that women are more likely to watch a show on the network because it reminds her of the old adage, "Men won't ask for directions."

"TV Guide is smart to aim toward women. More women will go there to find out what's on -- just like when guys won't ask for directions, a woman will break out the map," Flannery said.

As for if men will watch a show that sounds like as spinoff of "Cougar Town" or "Lipstick Jungle," Flannery laughed as she mentioned that all the ladies look "really good -- even me!" and said that the comedy, although from a female point of view, is universal.

As host, Flannery has exercised her live performance muscles by hosting stand-up shows in Los Angeles and performing her fake lounge act, "The Lampshades," for years. The lineup of performers includes some familiar faces too, like Carol Leifer, Maria Bamford, Retta of "Parks & Recreation" and Mary Lynn Rajskub of "24," plus a slew of up-and-comers. See the full list of performers via LaughSpin below:

Carol Leifer,
Mary Lynn Rajskub,
Wendy Liebman,
Arden Myrin,
Tammy Pescatelli,
Erin Foley,
Rachel Feinstein,
Lynne Koplitz,
Katie Cazorla,
Gina Yashere,
Sarah Tiana,
Maria Bamford,
Jamie Lee,
Erin Jackson,
Helen Hong,
Lisa Landry,
Eleanor Kerrigan,
Kelly MacFarland,
Bernadette Pauley,
Paula Bel,
Erica Watson,
Felicia Michaels,
Kira Soltanovich,
Alycia Cooper,
Jessica Kirson,
Ms Pat,
Lisa Sunstedt,
Lisa Alvarado,
Christina Pazsitzky,
Sherry Davey,
Marianne Sierk,
B Phlat,
Jade Catta Preta,
Michelle Buteau

"Stand Up In Stilletos" premieres on TV Guide June 16 at 10:00 p.m EST. Two new back-to-back episodes will air every Saturday. Watch TV Guide's preview video below:



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