06/12/2012 12:53 pm ET Updated Jun 12, 2012

L.A. Kings Win Stanley Cup To Join Most Dominant Playoff Teams In Sports History (VIDEO)

Just one team in Stanley Cup Final history has ever overcome a 3-0 series deficit to claim the ultimate hockey prize. In 1942, the Toronto Maple Leafs pulled off the trick. No one has done it since. Not only is digging out of a 3-0 hole a mathematical problem -- needing to win three games before an opponent wins one -- but it is usually accompanied by a talent deficit.

Despite trying valiantly, the New Jersey Devils could not overcome such a 3-0 disadvantage in the 2012 Stanley Cup Final, ultimately falling in to the Los Angeles Kings in six games. Of course, falling behind three games to none against the Kings puts the Devils in fine company. The eighth-seeded Kings dropped the Vancouver Canucks, St. Louis Blues and Phoenix Coyotes into similar holes before dispatching them.

With a record-setting 10-game road playoff streak (12 if you go back to last season), the Kings were a juggernaut in the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs. When it was all said and done, they had reeled of 16 wins against just four losses and never trailed -- or were even tied -- once any series got under way.

Where does L.A.'s overpowering postseason performance rank among the most dominant runs in sports. How does the 2012 Kings' ran stack up against the Cincinnati's machine-like roll in 1976 or that of the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers.

Check out the slideshow below and vote on where this run ranks among some of the most impressive ever.



Most Dominating Playoff Teams