06/12/2012 02:06 pm ET

'Louie' Season 2 Director's Commentary Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

As if being one of the most beloved comedians working today wasn't enough, Louis C.K. finds time to write, direct and star in his FX sitcom "Louie" in a way that keeps him winning awards he doesn't want -- but that doesn't mean he doesn't want any credit.

YouTube's new comedy channel Official Comedy has an exclusive sneak peek at the director's commentary on the "Louie" season 2 DVD/Blu Ray coming out next week wherein Louis takes credit for the shows critically acclaimed writing. He clears up any misconception that the show is improvised as he breaks down a scene with one of the child actresses playing his daughters on the show.

Louis also talks about how the things he tells his real-life daughters often bleeds into the scripts he writes for his TV daughters, and praises the young actresses for following his script to perfection. There really is an art to interrupting him!

Watch the sneak preview above. "Louie" season 2 comes out on DVD/Blu Ray (with full director's commentary) on June 19.