06/12/2012 12:30 pm ET Updated Aug 12, 2012

Matchbox Twenty, 'She's So Mean' Video: Band Releases Single Off First All-New Album In A Decade (VIDEO)

Good day to be a MB20 fan: Rob Thomas and friends have released the official lyric video for "She's So Mean," the new single off North.

The video is mostly made up of semi-racy shots of a (mean) woman's backside. Later, she licks a lollipop ("She's a hardcore candy store"). She also throws her clothes on the floor and scratches all your records, so she's not really one for redeeming qualities. (But the worst thing she does is definitely making you "take her to the club" despite her every intention to "stay with her friends.")

There's also a man in the video, but all we see of him is his hand (palm open, as the actress' rear passes by).

Anyways, they're back! Watch the video below and enjoy some of Matchbox Twenty's other hits in the gallery. North hits stores September 4. Party like it's 2002.

Matchbox Twenty