06/12/2012 12:11 pm ET Updated Jun 12, 2012

Noah's First Taste Of Root Beer: Adorable Toddler Discovers New Favorite Drink (WATCH)

You never forget the firsts -- steps, words, the first day of school, even the first date... For YouTube user, jamest77vb, his son Noah's first sip of root beer is destined to be one of those unforgettable moments.

Lucky for us, Dad caught his toddler's reaction to the drink on camera. Noah's hands are in the air before he even takes one sip and gets hooked; he giggles and squirms then reaches for more. Adorableness ensues.

Much like all of those hilarious videos of babies trying lemons, the 47-second clip has already gone viral with over 300,000 views on YouTube. And to all the commenters concerned about Noah partaking in a "grown-up experience" -- at least root beer is caffeine-free.