06/12/2012 08:35 am ET

'Once Upon A Time': Kristin Bauer Has Season 2 Hopes For Maleficent

Kristin Bauer, the devious vampire Pam on "True Blood," sunk her teeth into another wicked role when she guest starred on ABC's "Once Upon a Time" as Maleficent.

But viewers last saw her get her witch on, and then butt-kicked -- and heart-stabbed -- in the Season 1 finale. She was pretty dead. Is that it for Maleficent? Bauer hopes not.

"I think that when that mist rolled in, anything can happen, right?" Bauer said in a recent phone interview. "That's what I'm telling myself."

The purple mist she's referring to gave the people of Storybrooke their memories back. Mary Margaret Blanchard remembered she's Snow White and Regina, the Evil Queen, got magic back.

"When a purple mists happens, I think you're good," Bauer said. "But who knows? On that show, boy there really are no boundaries as far as who comes back or not."

Bauer admitted being far behind on her TV watching -- most of it happens on planes, she said -- but there are a few other shows she would be interested in giving a try.

"I caught an arc of 'Glee,' but I can't sing or dance so that frightens me. It's amazing," she said. "'Modern Family' I caught some of -- hysterical! I started in the sitcom world, so that would be always fun. It's fun to go back to that feel."