06/12/2012 06:21 pm ET

Sally Draper Boots: Kiernan Shipka Reveals What Happened To 'Mad Men' Footwear

The fifth season of "Mad Men" closed with one big question -- "Are you alone?" -- but those worried about what happened to Sally Draper's go-go boots can rest easy.

"I actually got to keep a pair," actress Kiernan Shipka told Vanity Fair at the Max Mara Face of the Future gala in Los Angeles on Monday night. "Not the pair, but a pair that we tried on. They had too high of a heel so they were declined, but I got to keep them, which was cool."

Throughout the season, Sally's white go-go boots were a symbol of her coming adulthood. In the seventh episode, "At the Codfish Ball," Don Draper made Sally take off the boots because they looked too mature. In the 12th episode, "Commissions and Fees," Sally finally wore the boots in public while on a date with creepy and mustachioed Glen. Their clandestine trip to the Natural History Museum was cut short by a more standard sign of womanhood: Sally's first period.

"I personally loved all of the scripts that Sally had, and I felt that her storyline showed her at a really important point in her life," the 12-year-old actress said. "She grew up this season, and it was so fascinating to see her arc."

"Mad Men" ended its polarizing fifth season on Sunday night, but don't expect a two-year delay before season six kicks off. According to series creator Matthew Weiner, writing on the next season could begin as soon as next month.

"I actually go open the writers’ room in July," Weiner told the New York Times. "So it’s not that long."

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