06/12/2012 03:45 pm ET Updated Jun 12, 2012

Seth MacFarlane & Mitt Romney: 'Family Guy' Creator Mocks Bain Capital

Seth MacFarlane isn't afraid to mock Mitt Romney, something the New York Daily News reports he proved again on Saturday night.

Speaking at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles, the "Family Guy" creator told a crowd of assembled Hollywood royalty (including Steve Carell, Ryan Murphy, Lea Michele and Dave Grohl) that they could wind up homeless should Romney win the general election in November.

"Maybe your workplace gets bought out by Bain Capital,” MacFarlane joked. “It could happen to any of us or all of us, depending how November shakes out."

Romney was one of the founder's of Bain Capital, a Boston-based private equity firm that has come under fire for its its corporation-first business practices.

This isn't the first time MacFarlane has joked about Romney: He frequently mocks the presumed Republican presidential candidate on Twitter. "Mitt Romney’s favorite vid on YouPorn is of this one guy laying off a whole factory of hot chicks," MacFarlane wrote earlier this month.

Kidding aside, MacFarlane has expressed some doubt about whether Barack Obama can defeat Romney in the election this year.

"If they put up Mitt Romney, who knows?" he told CNN host Piers Morgan earlier this year. "That's a guy who is, by today's standards, a pretty down-the-middle conservative. Which is kind of scary, but he is."

When MacFarlane isn't discussing the political process, he's preparing for "Ted," his feature film directorial debut with Mark Wahlberg. The film arrives in theaters on June 29.

[via NYDN/Gatecrasher]


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